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Our Aims & Objectives

Our Aims & Objectives

Our Aims

The School aims at integral development of the child giving emphasis to academic excellence and character formation based on spiritual and moral values. It prepares students to become responsible citizens to create a happy society based on the values of unity, equality, justice and brotherhood. Spirit of patriotism, communal harmony and concern for the poor are fostered through different programmes.

With this end in view, and guided by the Christian principles, the school makes a careful selection of the students who apply and who aspire for high standards in ideals and attainments.

Trust in God

Our approach to the children is one of nurturing love and concern. We imbibe the spirit of love from the source of love that is God the Father Himself. We try to create an atmosphere of caring love which helps to create an environment for study and growth. What we are and what we have become is God's grace and we believe in His continued providence.

Trust in the parents

Our aim is to equip our students to serve the society better. In this attempt our immediate relation is with the parents of the children studying at St. Mary's Public School. We try to give confidence to the parents that we care for their children that they are in safe hands. We move ahead hoping that they are with us in our educational endeavours. Ultimately the society with its response judges the institution.

Trust in the Staff

The staff is given ample liberty to be creative enough in their work. Interventions are made to help creativity. The staff is the thread of life in every educational institution.

We put a lot of trust in the staff for they own the institution metaphysically. We support them with our continuous and sustained efforts to enhance their efficiency.

Trust in the Children

We believe in the potentiality of each child. They are all God's creation and there is something wonderful in each child. Without discrimination of any kind we try to help the growth of everyone, that they may be equipped to face the challenges of life.

It is the duty and responsibility of each stake holder to keep the pillars of the institution strong and safe.

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