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Sports Facilities

The school encourages a healthy balance of work and play. Students are encouraged to experience the challenge and reward of sports, the spirit of participation and the pursuit of excellence through the diverse sports disciplines available at School, predominantly Football, Basketball, Handball, Skating and Tennis. Training is also provided for these disciplines

Talent Shows

Emphasis on all-round development through the Expression of Talents, Annual Function, presentation in the School Assemblies, participation in various competitions for the children to develop their talents.

Annual Day

At St. Xavier’s School, the children are encouraged and guided to express themselves during the Annual Parent's Day, Annual Sports Day, Annual Science, Art & Craft Show etc. Their wonderful talents are appreciated and honoured during these occasions.

Various Competitions

Children at various age levels get a number of chances to participate in different competitions at local, district, state and national levels. These include Talent Search Exams, Environmental Awareness Exams, Dance, Quiz and Literary Competitions.

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